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Dr Man

Dr. Levite Man 


Natural / Traditional Healer  certified Medical Herbalist  registered TCM Practitioner  certified Naturopath


Herbalist without Compromise



School of Natural Healing Hong Kong: Founder & Principal 香港自然療法學舍:創辦人和舍長


Academic Qualification:

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tianjin University of TCM天津中醫藥學院:中醫碩士

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xian University of TCM 西安中醫藥學院:中醫全科學士

Master of Herbology by Dr. Christopher  草本治療醫學:碩士學位課程

PhD in Natural Mediicne自然治療醫學:博士學位課程

TCM Vertebra Setting Therapy Certificate 中醫整脊療法:證書


Touch for Health Synthesis Certificate 觸康健綜合證書


Certified Instructor

certified Naturopath Instructor 自然療法導師  Natural Therapies Certification Board


certified Iridology Instructor 虹膜學指導師:國際虹膜學協會International Iridology Practitioners Association

國際認可  全球首位及唯一一位華人

certified Iridology Instructor 虹膜學導師:中國政府勞動部首屆認可師資:香港首位





certified Hand Diagnosis Instructor 氣、色、形態手診法導師:中國手診手療行業教師資格証書




Professional Membership:


Medical Herbalist

First Chinese in Asia  Only One inHong Kong

Full Member of The National Herbalists Association of Australia( NHAA ) & The British Herbal Medicine Association ( BHMA )

草本療法醫師 ( Medical Herbalist ) Cert. no. 154348



Professional Member: The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)

全美中醫公會:專業會員 ﹣美國最大的中醫師公會 


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner註冊中醫師:大陸




Only one in Asia recognized in Australia, USA & UK全亞洲唯一被澳洲、美國、英國認可

Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association: Registered Member: The oldest naturopathic practitioners association inAustralia



The British Register of Complementary Practitioners: registered Naturopathic Practitioner: The largest multi-discipline association inCAM



Professional Member of The American Naturopathic Medical Association ( ANMA ) - The nation's oldest and largest American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


board certified Naturopathic Doctor : The American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

美國自然療法醫學認證會:認可 自然療法醫師  Cert. no. 80832

Both are directly issued from US Not throughTaiwan-the Far East Representative.



board certified Nutritional Counselor by ANMCB-The American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

美國ANMCB專業協會:認可 整全營養學顧問    Cert. no. 40406


board certified Alterative Medical Practitioner by AAMA-The American Alternative Medical Association  

美國AAMA協會:認可 另類療法醫師     Cert. no. 49442605

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中國整脊治療師:中華中醫藥學會:整脊分會:no.: 330208010: 




Visiting Professor:Bircham International University




Gold Medal Award:Indian Board of Alternative Medicines






專業委員會:理事 ( 虹膜學 ) 及教授:特色診療會:世界中醫藥學會聯合會:




Registered Advanced Diver by Professional Association of Diving Instructors-PADI


RegisteredLevelIIIMountainLeader by Hong Kong MountaineeringUnion


Elementary Rock Climbing-Certificate





Herbal Medicine 草本治療醫學:


1) The National Herbalists Association of Australia ( NHAA) 澳洲國家草本療法醫生協會』:



2)The British Herbal Medicine Association ( BHMA ) 英國草本治療醫學協會』:

成立於1962年,它向英國政府及歐洲各國等提供專業的草本治療醫學資料及建議,是英國的合法醫療團體,BHMA是全歐洲草本治療醫學共同體European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) 的英國代表,並代表ESCOP的秘書工作。


歐洲的EHPA、德國的Society for Phytotherapy e.V.、澳洲的NHAA、紐西蘭的NZAMH、美國的AHG、英國的BHMA、加拿大的CCHA等世界各地十多個國家性的團體負責向政府和市民提供專業的草本治療醫學知識,目的是讓人知道除了常用的西醫醫學或對抗性醫學 ( Allopathic Medicine ) 外,草本治療醫學同樣是專業的治療醫學,只是大家的醫學概念有很大的分別,並且設立專業的會員制度,讓市民找到合資格的專業草本療法醫生 ( Medical Herbalist / Herbal Doctor )。於英國、法國、德國、澳洲、紐西蘭等不少國家,草本療法都是合法的醫療體系,其政府認可專業協會的會員都是合法的醫療人員,讓市民可享有醫療保險及病假等的權利。

草本療法相信植物,包括水果、蔬菜、草藥等都只是輔助的方法,生活習慣是關鍵,並且相信人有『自癒能力 Self-Healing』,不作任何傷害身體的東西,讓身體作主導,自我回復正常。






ANMA has no relationship with ANMCB, they are different. ANMCB is a Certification body, No Membership while ANMA is a Membership Association only, No Certification. However, there is an organization inTaiwangranted as a Far East Representative both from ANMA & ANMCB. Please not to be confused. There is no any examination required to be a Professional Member of ANMA. And there is only One Far East Representative: the one inTaiwan, not in H K.

For Reference, see ANMA website



整全營養學 Holistic Nutrition






My Life:

I have been interested in natural healing since I got healed of the osteoarthritis by myself through natural supplements in 2001. I have been keen on many outdoor activities in childhood. I went hiking, swimming, jogging, rock-climbing, diving, all kinds of ballgames, karate, canoeing, etc. One day the nightmare came to me, I got a great pain in my both knees while jogging. At first I thought it was only an occasional problem. However, the pain existed every time I did exercise. I have tried different kinds of treatments including Traditional Chinese Medicine ( acupuncture, bonesetting, Chinese Medicine ) & Conventional Western Medicine ( Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Surgeon ). I got no any success. I just gave up rigorous exercise for near five years. Finally I got healed just through taking a few bottles of natural supplements within three months. It is really amazing and what a miracle to me!

Then I started to read different kinds of books on the subject of natural health and change my life style gradually. The proportion in raw foods is getting higher and higher and meat lesser. Most of the Chinese books are good but do not make a great difference to me. I still don’t have a clear whole picture how to live much healthier and get rid of ailments. Finally I got the answer in Herbalism and natural healing.    

I got T.B. disease right in my lymph nodes in my left neck but this time is different. I have already gained the knowledge how to enhance my own immune system to fight the enemy. I tried no other method except natural ones. Again, I got healed by myself only in five months through all kinds of natural antibiotic including garlic, oregano, Echinacea, etc and natural therapies such as hydrotherapy, message, etc without taking the nine-month-course chemical antibiotics that will make me more sick. During the course of natural healing, I felt nothing wrong beside the lymph nodes got swollen quite large. Moreover, I felt I was even stronger then other then. 

All that drives me to make up my mind to learn, study and practice herbalism in Hong Kong and I hope I may help others suffering form all kinds of ailments. However, it is hard to practice herbal medicine in Hong Kong and herbalism is rarely heard by people in Asia especially inHong Kong. Moreover, there is no any herbal institute or herbal clinic inHong Kong. I found no great herbalists inHong Kong. Nevertheless, I never give up and try my best to study herbalism via distance learning and receive training in other countries as much as I can. I really hope the name of Herbal Medicine and Natural Medicine spread over Asia as well asHong Kong.

A life with Love of Plant & Nature.