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Dr Christopher Original Formulas

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Dr John Raymond Christopher為美國二次大戰時唯一一位官方認可的草本療師,亦是美國首位開診的草本療師。於當時代他醫治了很多被認為不治之症,他的格言:『沒有不治之症,只有不治的病人』。他的健康哲學概念為:排毒、滋養、自癒。只要有健康的飲食、生活習慣,再加上強力的草藥,他深信每個人都可以於任何的疾病中自癒過來。Dr Christopher 被稱為當時代最偉大的自然療師、草本學家及先驅,他於1953年開辨世界聞名的School of Natural Healing,孕育了數以千萬計的草本療師。於高峰期時,他曾於一年內到超過120個城市教學,甚至人群擁擠到門外。他於73歲1984年於一次意外中身亡,但那時他的身體健康狀況如20多歲的年青人一般。
Dr Christopher所創制的草本配方共有66種,有兩大特點:一) 全天然、野生或有機,不含農藥或任何有害化合物,效力強大。二) 全植物抽取,不像市面上的產品,只抽取其中某些元素,完全失去了整體協調作用及安全性。
Dr John Raymond Christopher was the only practicing herbalist in the US Army during World War II, and his herbal clinic was the only one of its kind in U.S.A. He healed many so-called incurable diseases in his age. His motto is “There are no incurable diseases only incurable patients.” His health philosophy is Cleanse, Nourish, Heal. With healthy diet & lifestyle, and powerful herbs, he deeply believed everyone has self-healing ability in all kinds of diseases. Dr Christopher was considered the greatest Naturopath, Master Herbalist & pioneer in his age. He founded the world-renowned School of Natural Healing in 1953 and numerous famous herbalists were brought up. At his peak, he lectured in more than one hundred and twenty cities in a year. His lecture halls were filled to capacity hundreds of people would squeeze in and outside the venues. He passed away at age 73 in 1984 in an accident, and healthier that he had been in his 20s.
There are 66 herbal formulas created by Dr Christopher with two distinctions: 1) Only the natural, wild or organic herbs are used and these herbs are very powerful & contain no toxic chemicals. 2) Whole Plant Extract: Unlike common market products, all the herbs are extracted in whole not only some active constituents called Standardization that lacks of synergy and safety.