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Dr Robert Morse

Dr. Morse擁有自然療法、生化學、虹膜學、草本學、營養學、健身學等多個學士學位,是一位作者、講師、療師、教師。他周遊多國教導他的排毒及組織重生觀念。他的強力深層草本配方的果效獲得世界各地的療師、診所及不同的人所認同。於他三十年的診治中,幫助了無數患上癌症、糖尿病、多發性硬化症、克隆氏症、硬皮病及其它惡疾的人。世界非常有名的營養自然療師Dr Barnard Jensen稱贊他於治療癌症的偉大成就,稱他為當今世上其中一位最偉大的自然療師。他的草本配方只用有機認證或野生的草藥。
Author, lecturer, practitioner and teacher, Dr. Morse is degreed in Naturopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Biochemistry, Iridology, Herbology, Nutrition and Fitness. He travels worldwide teaching others the secrets of Detoxification and Tissue Regeneration. His extra strong, tissue specific, botanical formulas have received worldwide acclaim and are used by physicians, clinics, and individuals throughout the world. In his thirty years of practice, he has helped thousands overcome cancer, diabetes, M.S., Crohn's Disease, Scleroderma, and other serious illnesses. Dr. Bernard Jensen the Father of iridology & world-renowned nutritional natural healer said: “Dr. Morse is world renowned for his work and success in all types of cancers. He specializes in brain and nerve regeneration. Dr. Morse is one of the world’s greatest healers.” Only Certified organic and wild-crafted herbs are used in his herbal formulas.