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健品園地 Health Supplement


Integrity, Authenticity & Reputability: For 15 years Gaia Herbs has established a reputation as the leader in the natural healing profession for producing herbal extracts that deliver consistent therapeutic results. That’s because we know and understand what it takes to produce pure plant medicine. We understand the challenges of growing organic herbs and the challenges of procuring high potency ecologically wild-crafted herbs. We know and understand the chemistry of plants and then extract with plant specific methods to produce the highest yields of active constituents. We know and understand scientifically acceptable methods for quality control and assurance. We have set a new and higher standard for definition of quality.
Oregon Tilth certifies our 250-acre medicinal herb farm in the southern Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. Annually we grow over 200,000 pounds of medicinal crops that are used exclusively for production of Gaia Herbs extracts. Oregon Tilth also certifies our facility as an organic processor. Plant specific methods for extraction are used to assure that we obtain the highest yields from the plant without disturbing the plant’s natural chemical profile.