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健購園地 Health Order

In order to provide more choices to our valued customers, beside our featured products, we also provide products on request from following brands, and free of handling charges. Please fill in clearly the brand name, content and quantity on the Order Form and email us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

參看產品代訂購品牌 See Brands for Products Order on Request

訂購查詢 Order

1) 並不是所有品牌中的每一種產品都能夠提供代訂購,必需先填寫表格查詢。
2) 每次代訂購貨品總額最少要達到$600或以上。

1) In no case we will provide every product for all brands, please state the products you chose on the form for enquiry first.
2) Every time the total amount of Products on Request should be at least $600 or above.