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魚油丸不是Omega 3的最好選擇麼?Isn’t fish oil the best source of Omega 3?

市面上有100%有機認證的魚油丸賣嗎?現在海洋污染極為嚴重,在外國曾經發生了不少次因污染問題而回收魚類的事件。而有機的 植物油除了不含有害物質外,並含有更高份量的Omega 3,還提供了Omega 6,最重要的是含有魚油所沒有的植物營養元素,有增強 抵抗力、心腦血管系統的功能;控制膽固醇;美化肌膚、頭髮、指甲;平衡荷爾蒙;有益於關節炎、溼疹、身體及傷口的問題 。

Have you ever found 100% certified organic fish oil? As we all know the water pollution is getting worse now. There were times that some fish were recalled due to contamination. 100% certified organic plant oil does not provide higher amount of Omega 3 only, but it also provides Omega 6 and other nutrients which cannot be found in fish oil.

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