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New Chapter

New Chapter創立於1982年,它們以制造真正的100%全食物營養補充品及強力的草藥為承諾,絕不用化學合成品來制造產品。它們的全食物制配合草藥的造營養補充品於美國非常有名。它們位於哥斯大黎加雨林的農場為世界有機農場的典範。創辦人Paul Schulick為有名的研究員、講師、調配師、草本療師,是Dr Christopher的學生。New Chapter的草本配方以有機認證或野生的草藥為主,它們的全食物制造維他命及礦物質絕不含任何化合物。
New Chapter is found in 1982. Their passionate commitment is to create the finest products that are truly natural, made of 100% real food supplements and powerful herbs. They have never made products with chemical isolates or solvents. They are very famous in making whole food supplements mixed with herbs in USA. Their Costa Rican farm is a world model for organic sustainable farming in the rain forest. Founder Paul Schulick, a respected researcher, lecturer and formulator of natural therapeutic products, master herbalist graduated from the renowned Dr. John Christopher. Certified organic and wild-crafted herbs are mainly used in New Chapter herbal formulas. Their whole food vitamins & minerals are free of any harmful chemicals.