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Vibrant Health

Green Vibrance 於1992年開始問世,它是市場上第一隻出現的綠色超級食物。始後,很多公司也開始模仿它,可是直到今天,都沒有任何一隻綠色超級食物可比美Green Vibrance,它獨特的配方便是秘訣。Green Vibrance的配方經過五次的改良於將來也會繼續作出更好的改良。每次改良也使它的超級營養更強,使這配方更好,改良的四大目標為:營養、消化、循環、免疫力。最後,Green Vibrance能使身體各機能都得著最大的幫助。
Green Vibrance came into being back in 1992. It was the first green superfood to appear in health and natural food stores. Since then, our concept of a green superfood has been imitated many times by other companies, but no one has ever dared to match our respect for you and our devotion to your well-being. That is evident in the formulation of Green Vibrance.
We demonstrate our concern for you by superior formulation and ongoing diligence. For instance, Green Vibrance has undergone five formula updates since its inception - and I expect there will be more. Each update has taken advantage of the appearance of new nutritional materials that could be used to strengthen the four foundations of health targeted by Green Vibrance: Nutrition, Digestion, Circulation and Immunity. As a result, Green Vibrance is a great way to effectively support all body systems.