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Organic by Nature Organic Kamut Grass Juice

Green Kamut Corp於美國猶他州東南部的有機農場達 2800 英畝,位於5000 英呎高山的古老火山湖床上,一年只種植一次可以讓農作物吸收最高的有機營養,從收割、清洗、榨汁到烘乾全部控制在農場溫度華氏 88 度且使用無巴氏消毒將它們的養份完整保留,如同生吃一般。
Kamut 是一種生長於埃及尼羅河地區類似小麥的古老純種穀類,與小麥草汁比較,有超過29%的蛋白質,10%的胡蘿蔔素,90%的鉀,148%的鈣,50%的鐵,49%的抗氧化劑,Green Kamut 是非常容易吸收的超級食品。
Green Kamut Corp. plants their green foods on 2800 acres of virgin organic farmland on an ancient volcanic lake bed over 5,000 feet high in the mountains of south-eastern Utah. Annual crop rotations and the fact that the crops are re-mineralized by the seasonal run-off from the surrounding hills assure maximum nutrition in each harvest. The leaves are harvested, rinsed, juiced, and dried "on sight" at only 88 degrees f. Yielding a completely non-pasteurized product which retains the "live" qualities of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Kamut is an heirloom, non-hybrid ancient grain from the Nile region of Egypt that has never been crossbred. Compared to Wheatgrass Powder, green Kamut Juice Powder is 25% richer in protein, 10% higher in beta carotene, 90% higher in potassium, 148% higher in calcium, 50% higher in iron and possesses 49% higher antioxidant activity.