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Wakunaga Kyolic Organic Aged Garlic 有機老蒜

Kyolic是據有最多世界研究數據及科學文獻的大蒜,Kyolic有機大蒜種植於火山泥土壤,經過20個月的自然生長期,不但除去了大蒜的强烈蒜味,也進一步產生更強的療效。自1955年以來,已經有超過200份關於Kyolic有機老蒜抽取物及其多種元素的科學研究。Kyolic是極少數同類產品中用有機老蒜的生產,老蒜含有SAMC ( 烯丙硫醇半胱氨酸–老蒜中的一種含硫化合物 ),具有強力抑制癌細胞生長的功能,而年青的大蒜並不含有SAMC。根據紐約Memorial Sloan-Kettering癌症研究中心的研究,SAMC能使癌細胞的生長速度減緩為治療前的70%。Kyolic老蒜是市面上唯一用SAC作標淮的,其它品牌的蒜頭並沒有標明SAC的含量。
Kyolic is the world’s most researched and scientifically-documented garlic. Kyolic garlic is organically grown in volcanic soils and then aged for up to 20 months to enhance the therapeutic properties and make it odorless. Kyolic organic Aged Garlic Extract and its various constituents have more than 200 scientific studies since its development in 1955. You will hardly find the commercial garlic pill made by certified organic aged garlic. Kyolic is one of the few organic aged garlic manufacturers and the best one in this world. Aged garlic contains S-Allyl Mercaptocysteine ( SMAC: one of its sulfur compound ) with strong power in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and SAMC can only be found in aged garlic. In study at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, SAMC slowed the cancer cell’s growth by as much as 70%, compared to the rate in untreated cells. Kyolic is the only product standardized with SAC (S-allylcysteine), a water-soluble compound naturally derived from garlic. It's the SAC in Aged Garlic Extract that assures the high quality of Kyolic Liquid.