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Planetary Formulas

Michael Tierra中醫師,為Planetary Formulas的主要配方人,世界有名的草本療師,全北美唯一專業臨床草本療師協會AHG的創辦人。他的草本配方將中、西、印三大草藥體系的精髓有系統地配合起來,他也是少數將草藥於美國再次興起的人之一。他的暢銷書 The Way of Herbs再版多次,現今仍然是其中一本最有影響力及流行的草藥學書籍。Planetary Formulas的草本配方以有機的草藥為主。
Michael Tierra, OMD, L.Ac., Planetary Formulas' primary formulator, renowned herbalist, founder of the American Herbalists Guild ( The only professional clinical herbalists organization in North America). His herbal formulas systematically integrate the three main systems of traditional practice of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic (East Indian) herbal medicine. Michael is one of a handful of pioneers responsilbe for the rebirth of American herbalism. Michael's best-selling herb book, The Way of Herbs, has gone through several printings and has remained one of the most influential and popular herb books to date. Organic and wild-crafted herbs are mainly used in Planetary Formulas herbal formulas.