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健品園地 Health Supplement

Eclectic Institute

Eclectic offers the only complete line of organic alcohol extracts and alcohol free glycerins that are flavored to enhance their therapeutic value. Eclectic also utilizes the processing technique of freeze drying their plants in order to maintain their freshness and activity. Eclectic also chooses to utilize organic grape alcohol in its extracts in order to support the health of this planet. We also make high quality nutritional supplements.

Eclectic chooses to utilize alcohol for their extracts that is made with certified organic grapes. The advantages of organic alcohol over conventional grain alcohol are; Grape alcohol is hypo-allergenic. Studies have shown that corn alcohol passes the allergens of corn to the spirit that is derived from corn. By using grape alcohol Eclectic is able to bypass any corn allergy problems which may be aggravating the health condition.

One of the unique features that Eclectic brings to the market place is the process of freeze drying their plants. Some plants are best used fresh. The active constituents of the plants are lost through the normal process of air drying. By utilizing the freeze drying process Eclectic is able to provide the next best thing to fresh plant material.