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健品園地 Health Supplement

1) Detox 排毒:
Our body accumulated different toxins due to bad dietary and living habit for extended period. Hence, it is the first step in recovery to detoxify all toxins inside the body. Moreover, you have to amend your bad living habit. Stop absorbing toxins!

2) Nutrition 營養:
Every system, organ, even each cell in the body all need different nutrients, such as vitamin, mineral, protein and enzyme, etc to get running, and to survive. Lack of nutrients is the main cause of getting sick and the first step in recovery. Fresh organic raw foods is the real food we need everyday.

3) Self-Heal 自我治療:
After elimination of accumulated toxins from the body and all systems, organs and cells being nourished, the body will gradually self-heal with specific formulas for corresponding problems. You won't need to destroy both the enemy and yourself by force or bio-chemical weapon.