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健認園地 Health Accreditation

American Association of Drugless Practitioners: AADP AADP是美國最多人數的自然療法工作者的機構,其認證的教育機構超過一百所。
完成『自然療法文憑 Diploma in Natural Healing』者可嘗試自行向AADP申請成為『整全健康醫師Holistic Health Practitioner』。

美國另類醫學協會 American Alternative Medical Association: AAMA 成立於1990年,為『美國不用西藥醫師公會 American Association of Drugless Practitioners: AADP』的姊妹機構,專為提供博士學位的學院提供學術認證,現時約有30間學院被AAMA所批核認證,『香港自然療法學舍 School of Natural Healing Hong Kong』的博士學位課程『自然醫學博士學位課程 Doctor of Naturopathy』是其中之一。
其她被AAMA所認證有名的學院有Bircham International University、Clayton College of Natural Health、Council of Natural Medicine College of Canada (CNMCC)、Parker College of Chiropractic、Southwest International University、Westbrook University等。

Synergies Education Australia Synergies Education Australia is an education services provider which provides services in education consultation, training package / curricular development and accreditation services for private international further education and training providers.

Synergies Education Australia is an active member of the Education Network of Australia.

Synergies Education Australia is also a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. IMS-GLC is a global, non-profit, member association that provides leadership in shaping and growing the learning and educational technology industries through collaborative support of standards, innovation, best practice and recognition of superior learning impact.

Synergies Education Australia incorporates the UNESCO/OECD Guidelines for “Quality provision in cross-border higher education for:
Guidelines for for higher education institutions / providers;
Guidelines for quality assurance and accreditation bodies; and
Guidelines for academic recognition bodies.